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How To Satisfy Our 14 Generation Of Ancestors Through Online Brahman Bhoj?

As per Hindu Puran, ancestors always Salyut for us. So we have a responsibility to satisfy them. So we have to arrange Brahman Bhojan to satisfy our 14 generation of ancestors. Now it is become so easier to arrange Brahman Bhoj through online. Most important thing is, we can save our time and manage our daily working schedule without getting any problem.

Brahman Bhoj is a ritual by which we can satisfy 14 generation of our ancestors and we can get their blessings. Arranging Brahman Bhoj or feeding Brahman is considered very beneficent. Brahman plays the role in sending our prayer to god and seeking blessings for us. So we have to gratify them to get divine blessings from god.

When you may arrange Brahman Bhojan to get better result
  • You may arrange Brahman Bhojan at the time of “Shraddha”.
  • You may feed Brahmans through online booking at the time of Mahalaya.
  • You may arrange Brahman Bhojan at the time of Upanayan.
  • Also, may arrange at the time of starting a new business or something like that.
  • Purchase a new property, car, Upanayan, Child’s birth, and marriage etc.
Know the story behind Pitru Paksha
Pitru Paksha is totally related to Brahman Bhojan. And we must say that the ritual of Brahman Bhojan starts from here. It is a very auspicious story and it has lots of spiritual value. 
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As per Hindu ancient story, Karna, son of Kunti was a philanthropist and he never ever refused help to anyone who approached him. He had bestowed of his wealth among the needy people. He had not arranged food for the needy and poor people ever. When Karna left earth after his death and reached heaven, the whole charity which he had done on Earth was returned back to him legionary in heaven except foods. Then he realized that he had done all kinds of charities, but he did not bestow foods to anyone. He prayed a lot to the God of Death, who sent back him to earth for 14 days, to make up for this lacks. Then he came back to earth and performed the rituals of Shraadh or Tarpan for the peace of souls of his ancestors. Karna fed the Brahmins and needy people and offered consecration of water during fourteen days, which is observed in the “Mahalaya” or Pitrupaksha. After that when he returns back to heaven, he got many foods and all things together.
How you can book online Brahman Bhojan:
 At first, you have to visit a website that provides spiritual services online. You may choose the date and place you’d like to arrange Brahman Bhoj as per availability. You may choose to how many Brahmans you want to feed. After doing all arrangement they will feed Brahmans in behalf of you and send a report by the Brahman stating his satisfaction and blessings. This is how we may arrange Brahman Bhoj and satisfy our ancestors.

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