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7 Mysterious Facts of Tirupati Tirumala Temple You Should Know

Tirupati Tirumala Temple is one of the famous temples in India. This temple is considered as highly auspicious and devotionally powerful. Lord Balaji also was known as Lord Venkateswara. Divine form of Lord Vishnu. He has four hands and his complexion is dark. The idol of Lord Balaji is the power of all divine energy.

Visit at least once in your life, and definitely, your good fortune will begin. Now it becomes very easy to visit at Tirupati. Because you may Book Online Tirupati Darshan Ticket from a specific website easily. What you have to do just Log on to a website and book your ticket advance as per availability to ensure your trip and stay relaxed.

Near about 50K to 100K devotees from all corner of the world visit Tirupati temple daily to fulfill their wishes and to get divine blessings of Lord Tirupati Balaji. It is also considered as the most visited temple of worship among the world.

Temple authority has made the several arrangements for the devotees so that they can have a peaceful Darshan and fulfill their auspicious attainments. These arrangements are totally associated by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam which is called Ttd seva. Tirumala is called as the “Spiritual Capital of Andhra”, because of Tirupati Venkateswara Temple and for other pilgrimages. It’ll be good if you visit at the time of winter, because at the time of summer Tirumala temperatures pushing up to 47 to 50 degrees. 

Here are some Unknown facts of Tirupati Tirumala Temple:

  • It is unbelievable that the hill ranges of Tirumala look like the face of Lord Balaji. This place of the hills is also called as “Silathoranam” in Telegu religion. As per Telegu religion, the word “Sila” means the hill and “Thoranam” means an arch. It is said that the arch is 26.2 ft in width and 9.8 ft in height.

  • As per ancient saints, the deity of Lord Balaji has the real hair and it remains always smooth, silky, clean and never skeins. By attacking a shepherd Lord Balaji lost some portion of hair. Then Princess Neela Devi helped and she cut some portion of her hair and implant on the scalp of Balaji. She was the princess of Gandharva. Lord Balaji also promised her that when any devotee will visit his abode will render their hair to him which will originally receive by Princess Neela. This famous ritual I called “Mokku” at Tirumala. From then to present lots of peoples render their hair to the Lord Venkateswara.

  • The architecture of the temple is so renowned for its shape and exotic design. This architecture is designed by Dravidian culture. The temple was built in the 12th century and it is constructed of granite, sandstone, and soapstone.

  • The deity of the Lord Balaji is maintaining always in 110o F and height of the temple near about 3000 feet. Daily early in the morning at 4.30 AM, the idol has taken for a bath with milk, water, and some holy items. This is called “Abhisekam” here at Tirupati.

  • There is a village at Tirumala which is totally unseen and hidden from the outside. No one without permission allowed getting visit that village. This unknown village is 22Km away from the Tirupati temple. It is said that the flowers, ghee, butter, milk, fruits and other items of the Tirupati temple are provided by this village.

  • The other most famous thing is “Tirupati Laddu Prasad”, which is considered as near about 300 years old. It is said the daily around 150K laddus are made at Tirumala. These laddus are made by a fellowship of some priest known as “Archakas” in “Poku” which is the famous kitchen where the famous Laddus are made.

  • Tirumala is considered as the most visited temple around the world. Generally, daily 50 thousand to 1 lac devotees visit here to have the darshan. This number of devotees may multiply 10 times more at the time of festivals like Navaratri, Brahmotsavanas, Srivari Pushpa Yagam, Dhanurmasam Festival, Tirumala Temple Pushkarini etc.

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