Monday, 5 September 2016

How to Get Spiritual Attainment in Our Busy Schedule?

A lot of our time is daily spent by working, eating and sleeping. Day by day our life quickly filled with nonsense and unhappiness. We have not enough time to do anything else. Our daily routine is Sleeping, go to work, doing relaxation, eating and again sleep. Because of our regular working schedule, we unable go anywhere and do anything except work. It causes adverse effects on our family and our personal life. But we are helpless because we have to work daily for our family and keep them well and fulfill their needs. Many people are operating in IT sector or Accounts dept. Many of them doing their own business but the main thing is they are very busy and not have enough time to do anything else except their job. We have become set in our working life but the question is whether do we satisfied with our personal life?  It is our habit that, when we are facing trouble we remember God and when we’re satisfied we does not.

The reason is the time. Without facing any problem, peoples don’t want to waste time while going to visit the temple of Goddess. But if we believe God then we should go to visit the temple and get divine blessings of the goddess. You may have lots of money but you may do not have the mental peace and facing the problems in your daily life, then definitely you need to have Darshan of the goddess. According to monks, the only way to have mental peace is to go to the temple and having Darshan of Goddess.

Now the question is what the solutions are and how we can get spiritual attainment??

Don’t worry!! Here are some solutions which may help you to get spiritual attainment in your life.
Online Puja is an easy way to connecting with the Gods and seeks their divine blessings and helps to remove the negative vibes. Here are some ways to seek for blessings of gods and without waste of your valuable time. 

Here are some solutions which may help you to get spiritual awaken...

ü  Now a day a lot of companies are there who offer online Prasad service and many other spiritual services online. You can follow them to get their services and save your time.
ü  You may log on to their website and purchase their services as per your needs
ü  You can also book Darshan ticket online without standing behind of thousand people and  you can save your time
ü  These companies also offer online puja service and by this service, they will do puja by their Brahman or Purohit on behalf of you and after completing the rituals they will deliver the Prasadam by courier
ü  Not only Puja and Prasadam, You can also do “Dosh Nivarana” pujas life as per availability and which removes bad planet effects from your life
ü  They also offer auspicious products such as – Rudraksha, Shaligram, Yantras, Divine Mala, Parad Shiva Lingam etc.
ü  You can also do Brahman Bhojan which is considered as very auspicious, before starting something auspicious such as – Start a new business, Open a shop or something fortunate and you may choose the date you’d like to arrange. They’ll feed Brahmans in your absence and send you a report by the Brahman stating his satisfaction and blessings.
ü   Start your every day by pray in front of God and get divine blessings from God.
Hope, this may help you a lot to be happy and keep happiness in your family.

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