Friday, 23 September 2016

How to Book Online Prasad with Online Devam?

In the world of internet, anything is possible to do by using the internet. Peoples are getting unbelievable help from the internet and that’s why they depend on the internet. As we know from the shopping to medicine, from A to Z anything we can get here.  Also, we can get online Prasad and spiritual attainment without present at the temple and without waste of our valuable time.

But is this possible to get divine blessings of goddess and Prasadam online??

The answer is yes. It is definitely possible to get these things on online. Online Devam is the one stop total spiritual solution. We offer the online Prasadam online and deliver to your doorstep carefully and we save your time. 

 The Process which we follow:

 At first, we do arrange puja and then we will take divine Prasad from the temple and then we’ll package well with carefully then it will be delivered to you. You may choose the form which temple you want to get online Prasad. After completing total Puja we’ll send a report initiated by the Pandit Ji who has accomplished the Puja and seek blessings for you.

**Note: The offer Prasad will be delivered to you within 2-4 working days and the price of the prasad is fixed including some misc. cost like packaging and handling, Govt. Tax, Shipping and logistics charges etc.**

Nowadays the people are getting in more trouble as they have no extra time to seeking for blessings. They are busy all the time with the daily working schedule, clients and all. As a result, we are depending on Online Puja services. It is very easy and manageable way to satisfy the goddess and get divine blessings for our family.

The process of booking online Prasadam with Online Devam.

Step 1: Log on to our official website and select Prasadam from the menu.

Step 2: Chose the Prasadam from the menu and choose any from the list.

Step 3: Click on to BUY NOW button. Before click on BUY NOW Button make sure the price. You will see the default price for the single package.     

Step 4: Then you can put the nos. in QNT box that how many packages you want to buy and then click on to Update Cart. You can see price will be automatically multiplied with No. of packages given by you and Service Tax will be included with the price.

Step 5: Then Click on to Proceed to checkout. After that, a details form will appear which you have to fill up with original details.

Step 6: Then click on to Go to Payment option to payment online. We have no COD service.

Step 7: After that you have to put some details in Add your details - Name, Gotra, etc. in the Box and click Order.

Step 8: By clicking on Order Button, PayUmoney gateway will open where you should put email ID and password (**Check the Note below for more**). Then select I agree to PayUMoney Terms & Conditions and click on to Continue.

**Note: If you are already used PayUmoney then select I have Pay U money password and put your Pay U money password. Or if you are a new customer then select I am new to PayUMoney. After that, you have to put a password which should contain at least 7 characters and should be alphanumeric (For Ex: ABC1234). 

Step 9: Select the type to payment like Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking. For example, if you select Debit / Credit Card then you have to put all the card details and finally click on to Make Payment button or if you select Net Banking then select the bank and put the User ID and Password to login and make payment faithfully. After that, you will receive a confirmation text by mail. 

**Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us **

 **Hope, these may help you. **

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