Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How to arrange Brahman Bhoj Online with Online Devam?

Brahman Bhojan is considered so much auspicious in Hindu culture. Because we know that they send our prayer to god and seeking blessings for us. So we have to satisfy them to get divine blessings from god. This ritual gives peace to fourteen generation of our predecessors which give us mental satisfaction. Arranging Brahman Bhoj or feeding Brahman is considered very beneficent.

But the main problem is we have not enough time because we are so busy and we unable to do anything extra by ignoring our daily working schedule. In spite of that we always try to do something better and something fortunate for our family, but we unable to do that.
But it’s time to relax!! Because Online Devam offers online Brahman Bhoj to save your time and to fulfill all of your spiritual needs.

You may also choose the date and place you’d like to arrange Brahman Bhoj as per availability. We’ll do the whole arrangement in your absence and send you a report by the Brahmans stating his satisfaction and blessings. Brahman Bhoj may be arranged on various occasional purposes like Upanayana, Child’s birth, marriage, and death, etc.
Here are some easy steps which you can follow to arrange Online Brahman Bhojan:

You can easily arrange Brahman Bhojan by following these steps,

Step 1: At first log on to and select Brahman Bhoj from the list.

Step 2: Choose any place where you want to arrange Brahman Bhojan.

Step 3: Read the descriptions given below and then select the number of Brahmans you want a feed from the drop down menu and then click on Buy Now.

Step 4: Check the total price and then click on to Proceed to checkout.
**Note: Put the number of Service in QNT box and then click on to Update Cart. You can see the price will be automatically multiplied by the number of services given chosen you and Service Tax will be included with the price.
Step 5: Clicking on Proceed to checkout a form will appear automatically. You have to put all details and then click on Go to Payment.
Step 6: Put some more details like your name, Gotra, etc. in Pay u money box and click on to Order.

Step 7: By clicking on Order Button, Pay U money gateway will open where you should put email ID and password (**Check the Note below for more**). Then select I agree to Pay U Money Terms & Conditions and click on to Continue.

**Note: If you have already used PayUmoney then select I have PayUmoney password and put your PayUmoney password. Or if you are a new customer then select I am new to PayUmoney. After that, you have to put a password which should contain at least 7 characters and should be alphanumeric (For Ex: ABC1234).
Step 8: Select the type to payment like Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking. For example, if you select Debit / Credit Card then you have to put all the card details and finally click on to Make Payment button or if you select Net Banking then select the bank and put the User ID and Password to login and make payment faithfully. After that, you will receive a confirmation text by mail.
**Hope, these may help you.**
**If you still have any quarries and confusion about Brahman Bhoj online booking and all, you can do online chat with our team or email us at – **

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